High Quality German & Swiss Tower Clock Movements

Swiss Made Movements

MZW212 - MZW216 - MZW225 - MZW270

Self-setting, low-voltage stepper motor and worm gear design for long life and high precision. Proximity sensors detect hand position and transmit this information to the master clock. Available for dial diameters from 4' to 13'.  Option for neon illumination of the hands available.

UFM150 - UFM250 - UFM500 - UFM700

UFM1000 - UFM2000

Long life maintenance-free Swiss made movements are available for dial diameters from 5' to 65'.  Sealed case motors run in an oil bath with electronic pulse memorization, stainless steel shafts, ball-bearings and worm gear drive. Hours/min, hours/min/sec, illuminated hands and floral clock  versions available.

Swiss Made Movements

German Made Movements

MHD1300 - MHD2500 - MHD4000

MHD1300GPS - MHD2500GPS -


High quality long-life and maintenance-free movements for up to 13' dials. Stainless steel shafts, bronze, steel and cast iron gearing. Fully maintenance-free for up to a service life of 35+ years Shaft support tube length from 40mm to 800mm depending on wall thickness. MHD-GPS models are equipped with an integrated controller so that no master clock is required.