To obtain a true bell sound coming from a tower, the choice of loudspeakers and amplifiers is very important. The CAMPA product range provides a long-life weatherproof speaker, made of polyester and stainless steel. Although using a horn speaker setup for bell ringing was common practice, we have always opted for a dual chassis speaker with a low frequency compression driver. Thus, we offer a hi-fi tower bell sound with full bandwidth, including the low frequency spectrum that is needed to reproduce the warm sound of the bigger bells. The difference in quality between such special speakers and normal horn speakers is enormous.

The highest quality Digital Bell Carillons on the market today.

High Quality German & Swiss Tower Clock Movements

From the low countries in northern Europe (the cradle of the carillon) comes the CAMPA  Apollo lll Electronic Bell Carillon that authentically reproduces the sound of real bells and carillons. The state-of the-art system features the true sound of Flemish cast bronze bells and is designed and produced by makers of actual bell carillons.  They have recreated a technically accurate sound that is identical to real bells including both the 'Doppler' and 'mouth' effects, enclosed in a virtually maintenance-free, low -cost system.

They have recently designed a new generation of polyphonic synthesizers for the ringing of bells. The synthesizers have an advanced design: a multi-layer board with Digital Signal Processing. It makes it possible to create a polyphonic sound of 32 bells that can ring or resonate at the same time. This is very important to have a realistic reproduction of real quality bells. The synthesizer gives priority to the resonance of heavier bells because they resonate longer. As a consequence, the resonance of the heavy bells will not be 'shut down' when playing tremolo with smaller bells. The synthesizer can also generate bell sounds with 128 steps of loudness which allow artistic expression in the music.

Another advanced feature of the Apollo lll is its touch screen display and LAN networking capability. It can be remotely controlled and programmed via VNC from a computer, Iphone or Android device. This even allows us to program it for you if needed when local personnel are not available to do so. It is available in a 19" Rack mount version or a Wall mount version.

- Solid-state drive. No tapes or CD's to change or wear out.

- Pealing Bells, Wedding Peal, Funeral Toll, Westminster Chimes, Tolling of Bells, Playing of Custom Selections

- 5 complete octaves from Do (C1-2354kg) to Re# (Dis6-8kg).

- If heavier bass bells are wanted, it is possible to transpose the 5 octaves to the biggest bell, The C0 (do-16,000kg).

-10 of the 64 bells can be chosen as swinging bells. The number of strokes per minute is adjustable.

- MIDI interface option available.